[NTLK] Sharp Model Newton Problems

Doug Denby ddenby at rogers.com
Fri Nov 2 10:20:23 EDT 2012

Perhaps one of you can help me.

I recently brought my Sharp Newton, NOS1.1, out of the closet. It had a small break in the battery holder that prevented power from being engaged. I managed to get that fixed and now get power from batteries. The backup battery is toast, and have not replaced it yet.

It worked fine when plugged into power using the old small Apple transformer, although it took some time to get the male plug into the socket engaged. Once it it worked fine. Got the date fixed. Installed the batteries. removed the transformer. All worked fine.

Used it a couple of times over the day and everything was fine.

Next day, I turned it on, got a quick burst of acknowledgement, including a notice that the backup battery needed changing, then it died. Turned it on again and got the same reaction. Have done it several times and gotten the same reaction each time.

Did Resets, including the one where you hold the on button down and the Reset button for 20 seconds or so and then release the reset. That one left it on long enough for me to tell it not to erase anything and then it died. Back to the same situation again. It wakes up, then immediately goes back to sleep.

Is this a hardware problem?


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