[NTLK] Thanks for all the responses so far!

joe kallo quietglow at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 07:37:25 EDT 2012

> Have you tried the Nexus 7 with a capacitive pen + Einstein? If not, why
> not? And how does Einstein run on it, in general?
I have! The experience was exceptionally Newton-like as the screens are
very similar in size. Why am I not simply using it as a replacement for all
the stuff that Android doesn't really get right? It's too slow in
operation, and the startup time (because it's basically running as an app)
is too long.

Right now I'd call it usable only as a proof of concept, but it seems like
just one iteration of processor speed increase might bring it into the
realm of usability. In fact, I've been watching the development of
overclocking methods for the N7 to see if maybe there is some hope there. I
think Einstein on the N7 (with either speed improvements on Einstein or
faster processors) is a viable, usable, future for the OS.


joseph kallo
quietglow at gmail.com

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