[NTLK] Questions from an apostate

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Fri Nov 2 00:34:12 EDT 2012

I vaguely recall reading somewhere that passive matrix LCDs lose their
contrast over time.  If true, then this is an inbuilt aging process which
must gradually reduce the Newton's usability.  However they say that the
Newton's capacitors probably have a higher probability of failing before the
LCD panel becomes completely unreadable.  The two problems could be
interrelated as capacitors are used to moderate voltage which could be
feeding the lcd panel.  Another thought is that the polarizing film on the
lcd panel is dying because of exposure to UV light.


Tony Kan

New Zealand

As a previous Newton user and pretty committed Newtontalk lurker, I too made
the switch to iOS and I would also say I'm not overly convinced by the shift
but unfortunately the old grey-scale Newton screen became too difficult to
read ( at least without using the backlight or admitting I need glasses ).

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