[NTLK] Questions from an apostate

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 08:41:07 EDT 2012


--- On Wed, 10/31/12, Aron Hsiao <leapdragon at gmail.com> wrote:

> I hope this post doesn't rankle, but I'm in need of help.
> I was a dedicated Newton user from the late '90s through the
> early '00s and am now an iPhone 4/iPad 2 user.

If it helps matters any, there seem to be quite a few list members who make use of newer hardware and software because, amazing though it is, the Newton dates from the late 20th century.  As such, it's unrealistic to expect a device whose last model turns 15 years old this month to be all things to all people in the second decade of the 21st.

If you'll pardon my mentioning it, I recognize your name from the list archives.  I understand your visit back might be a short one*, but it's still nice to hear back from someone who was on NTLK way-back-when.

Welcome back. :)


James Fraser

*Fair Warning: lots of people have shown up on NTLK in the past with the intent of doing a "dine and dash" for technical information, but then find they can't bear to leave the list because all the bad jokes are so awful that they're actually quite compelling. ;)

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