[NTLK] Manuals and Floppies

Smith Woody woodysmith at me.com
Sat Mar 31 20:15:40 EDT 2012

Does anyone need/want any of these items?
Contact me off list for shipping arrangements.

Manuals, most are booklets.

Quick names pro v2.0 User Guide plus v3.0 Starter Guide
ICS NewtCase User's Guide
Graffiti User's Guide with Reference Card for 1.x
Graffiti User's Guide with Reference Card for os2.x
Iambic TimeReporter User's Guide
proCALC v 2.0 Owners Handbook
proCALC v Basic Finance 1.0 Owners Guide
Pocket Quicken V1.2  User's Guide for os2.
Pocket Quicken V2.2  User's Guide.
Quicken ExpensAble User's Guide
Net Hopper v 3.0 User's Manual
Newton Utilities User Manual 1.x
Newt Tools User manual for 1.x
Newt Tools User Manual for 2.0
X port Quick Start Guide (paper insert)
En Route guide for POP/SMPT email MP 2000

Floppies, most seem to work.

PowerNames Windows version
Time Reporter Windows
Tike Reporter Data Transfer windows 95 and NT
Quicknames Pro windows
proCALC windows
Pocket Quicken v2.2 windows
Quicken ExpensAble windows
NewtCase V3 windows
Graffiti 2.0 windows
Newton Backup Utility windows (unopened)
Newton Backup disks 1&2 windows
Newton connection Utilities Beta version 1.0 for Windows 5 disks
Newton Print Pack v2.0 windows

Newton Print Pack v2.0 mac
Newton Enhancement Pack Graffiti,Newton Utilities and Action Names Mac
Newton Backup Utility Mac (unopened)


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