[NTLK] Clean Restore Image

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Mar 27 16:27:23 EDT 2012

William said:

> I' trying to wipe my MP2000U completely clean, does anyone have a blank
restore image, 
> or do i just have to delete it item by item? Thanks,William

Blake answered:

> Hold down the reset button, and then slide the power button. Newton will
ask if you want
> to delete all data, say yes. This method is commonly referred to as a

Actually it's the other way round. Slide the power switch and keep it down,
press and release the reset button, wait until the "Do you really..." dialog
appears, release the power switch and confirm two times that you know what
you are doing. After the reboot the Newton will be reset to factory
conditions except for intalled OS updates. Make sure to remove all PCMCIA
cards before you reset your Newton.


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