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Mon Mar 26 08:09:02 EDT 2012

~~~ On 2012/03/26 09:24, Forrest at newtonphoenix at mindspring.com wrote ~~~

> I'm siding with some other List-ers on this one (LG, if memory serves, you are
> one)--there are few places private enough that I would feel comfortable
> speaking into my iPad/iPhone/Newton/Hitchhiker's Guide (or whatever) for the
> purpose of dictating my thoughts. I think it's a great idea, but likely not
> for me, at least at this point.

Yes Forrest, indeed I'm one of them.  Probably the "noisiest" one. :-P  And
my discomfort is with great regret.  In my head I have this picture of just
being able to dictate my thoughts, StarTrek-style, to my "device" and have
it all turned into writing.  It would be so cool!  And because I do stuff
while travelling I'd like to be able to dictate while on the bus or train or
wherever.  But I can't.  I suppose I should be glad for a legitimate excuse
to use public transport without working:  "Well you know I couldn't annotate
that client's file; I was on a train!  Data Protection Act!"   But the other
side of that is the restriction when I *want* to work in public, but

But you know it isn't just matters of confidentiality where this is an
issue.  Everyone should ask themselves these questions:   Do I want to make
a quick note to myself when I'm in bed, without waking my wife and without
having to get up?  Do I want or need to take notes during public lectures,
at conferences, in meetings, during sermons, in private sessions with
clients?   Do I sometimes need to make notes when I'm in very noisy

For me the answer to all of them is "Yes".   With my Newt and her stylus, I
have no problem with any of those or other similar situations.  With
dictation, it would be just "I hope I remember ____ until next time I get
the chance to talk to my [device]".

I suppose the solution is to dictate when it's convenient and appropriate,
and fall back on writing/typing otherwise, but ...meh.  Right now I can't be
bothered.  :-)  Maybe eventually.

And I'm sure there's a solution coming down the pipeline in the long-term.
But right now, it's just one of several methods of input, and for me it's
not even the best. 



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