[NTLK] WiFi via phone tether

Smith Woody woodysmith at me.com
Sun Mar 25 14:32:18 EDT 2012

This is probably not news to most of you but just in case.

I'm with t-mobile and have an android phone.
it has wifi tethering built in as do some phones on some other carriers.

Unfortunately as noted in previous conversation Newton cannot do WPA 2  
encryption but I can turn encryption off on the phone.  Be warned.
Turned off encryption and turned on wifi hot spot functionality, set  
up Newts wifi prefs to match phones SSID, connected and sent myself an  
email  :-).
Can also successfully go on line with Newt and install package.  But  
realistically the phone is a better browser.

In my opinion useful mainly for sending myself documents, but this  
ability alone extends the newtons utility for me because it is a much  
better note taker than the phone.


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