[NTLK] Participants required "community" research survey

Michael Hurley mephit at mac.com
Sat Mar 24 01:46:49 EDT 2012

On Mar 18, 2012, at 6:23 PM, Dan wrote:
> Well it originally part of Planet Newton.  That is when I joined the
> list.  That was hmm 98 I think?  Might have been 97.  Ah now I
> remember...I was on it even before Planet Newton took it over..  Sean
> ran it back then (I think?).  It has been a while.  In either case  
> been
> here for a long time. :)

As I recall, I joined NewtonTalk in '97 when I was in college. I'd  
just bought an eMate to take notes on in class. I loved that thing and  
hauled it around everywhere. After losing it (never lend portable  
computers to people!), I got a 2100 and carried it around everywhere  
instead. A couple of years later I hopped off the list for a bit, then  
re-subscribed in around 2001 for a while. Hopped off again a bit later  
and re-subscribed again a couple of years ago. Guess I just can't  
completely let go of the Newton.

I've never been a developer or anyone particularly useful to the  
community and I have to admit I haven't used a Newton regularly in  
years (though I still have that 2100 and it still worked as of a few  
months ago), but I still think it was one of the most innovative  
machines ever made and think it was really a mistake for Apple to have  
killed them so thoroughly. These days I just lurk mostly but it's nice  
to know the community is still vibrant and strong.

> I should even have archives of the list from back then around here
> somewhere....

I should have archives going back to my 2001 re-subscription somewhere  
but my first pass on the list back in the 90s was lost (along with  
everything else I'd saved) to a massive HD failure in 2000. Definitely  
taught me to keep backups around!
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