[NTLK] Re. Opinions sought regarding MP2x00s/first-gen iPads and clumsy people

Forrest newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 19 21:25:02 EDT 2012

I also currently have both...and Joel is correct, the Newton is probably not the device for someone just starting out.

I remember when I first got my Newton and I would show it to friends and family, most of them just kind of looked at it. The more intelligent and more confident ones would ask questions about it and some would actually pick it up.
(They) "Can you go on the Internet with this?"
(Me) "Yes...through wifi."
(They) "Can you search for stuff?"
(Me) "Well...sort of. It's not real good with some photographs, and you can't watch videos at all or listen to music very well."
(They)(Putting it down) "Oh."
Some will actually even ask me why I have it..."You can't go online and look  up stuff...why do you carry it around with you?"
I try and explain the HWR, the great way you can just write on the screen what you want to say or have the machine do, the system's integration of data (I don't use the word "soup")...and I get a blank pitying look, like I just explained that I have a switch on my wall at home and when I flip it up, the room is suddenly illuminated with light. Sometimes they'll demonstrate all the things their smartphone will do, like play videos or music or go on the Internet, or send and receive email...as if I somehow didn't know these things already existed in a smartphone. I guess they're just trying to justify their lack of understanding of why I like the Newton so much.
Now, tech-y people love it. They just want to see what a device of that time period can do, and are frequently impressed.

So, yes...give them an iPad...I use my first generation one daily, and will eventually get a newer one. My feeling is this: I don't use a Phillips head screwdriver on slotted screws, and I don't use a spoon to cut bread. Do the Phillips head screwdriver and spoon have good uses? Of course they do...but not those ones. So it is with my iPad and Newton.


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On Mar 19, 2012, at 8:03 AM, "Joel M. Sciamma" <joel at inventors-emporium.co.uk> wrote:

> I currently have both but I'm not sure that making a comparison between them as devices is really the point. If your friend needs connectivity of any kind, then it has to be the iPad.
> I would say that both devices need some familiarisation and either you get sucked in by that exploration or you don't. Perhaps the Newt has a slightly higher initial ramp but if the magic gets you, then you're off.

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