[NTLK] Opinions sought regarding MP2x00s/first-gen iPads and clumsy people

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Mon Mar 19 20:55:57 EDT 2012

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Right with you Frank.  As raw hardware, I don't think anything can touch the
Newton.  In terms of data entry, it's down to needs and preferred methods.
And as for the software it uses and what it can or can't do, it's true; iOS
devices have made possible some cool things.  Unfortunately some of those
things aren't doable on the Newton -- we have Apple's decision to thank for
that.  But as you've already said the Newt does things we still can't do as
easily on any other device.

The question is, which things does the OP's "clumsy person" want to do?
More of the iOS things or the Newton things?  And what's their best way of
interfacing with it?  Touch-type without looking?  Hunt-and-peck while
staring at the screen?  Write with a stylus?

Horses for courses, as the Brits say.



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(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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