[NTLK] Einstein connecting help, please

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Mon Mar 19 18:01:27 EDT 2012

On 19.03.2012, at 22:10, Bob Carls Dudney wrote:

> Unable to get data into Einstein via 40Hz tools, including Neo and Nhttp. Also can't get MailV to work. Was able to see rudimentary web page in Courier.
> tcpOBEX connects, but just get errors, no data transfer.
> Would love to know how people get data into Einstein.
> Can't find anything on 40Hz nor UNNA, etc.

That's still mostly unsolved. I never made the serial port emulation work well enough to use the standard tools. The network emulation in User Mode is pretty much limited to the http protocol for now. In Tap Mode, it's more or less universal, but both are currently only available on OS X. Theoretically, you could also just copy the Flash contents from a real machine to the emulator, but there is no tool to transmit the Flash contents (yet).

So, in conclusion, you are somewhat stuck within Einstein, unless someone else figured out a way to solve this.

 - Matthias

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