[NTLK] Participants required "community" research survey

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Mon Mar 19 17:38:25 EDT 2012

On 3/19/2012 1:26 PM, Grant Hutchinson wrote:
> On 2012-03-18, at 5:23 PM, Dan wrote:
>> Well it originally part of Planet Newton.  That is when I joined the
>> list.  That was hmm 98 I think?  Might have been 97.  Ah now I
>> remember...I was on it even before Planet Newton took it over..  Sean
>> ran it back then (I think?).  It has been a while.  In either case been
>> here for a long time. :)
> Just to clarify, Sean had nothing to do with the Planet Newton version of the list.
> g.

Yes sorry I wasn't clear, I meant "back then" as before Planet Newton
took it over. :)


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