[NTLK] MP 2000 - The Neverending Restart Of Death

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Mon Mar 19 11:24:01 EDT 2012

Ahh yes a 2000 does not have as much RAM (heap) memory as a emate with
the expansion.  A 2100 will of course be fine.  To fix this issue,
insert the card (or reset the newt) and hold the pen 1/3rd of the way
down on the screen on the far left edge.  This will stop the newt from
mounting any packages.  Then you can freeze the extra ones on your card.
 Then I suggest another restart/reboot and unfreeze only the ones you
need on the card.  This should fix your problem and allow you to use the
card. :)


On 3/19/2012 9:50 AM, Wright, Chris wrote:
> Thanks to all (especially for the over-familiar greeting Frank!). I've
> managed to solve the problem with the equivalent of banging a car engine
> with a hammer!
> At the point where it started up and produced cancellation boxes for
> various problems ('Newton was restarted' etc.) I kept on tapping the
> 'x's until it finally got through to its normal state and then tapped a
> few more buttons for good measure (opening and closing the Extras and so
> on). It has now stopped looping back to a restart when in a passive
> state with no cards inserted. 
> I am having problems when using a 321MB card with ATA Controller; at the
> point where the card begins to start mounting packages it will get so
> far and then reboot. The card I'm using was previously used on an eMate
> with the extra 4MB memory, and I'm supposing that the 2000 just can't
> cope with the amount of packages on it, so I'm slowly deleting things
> from it until it loads correctly.
> Regards
> Chris
> Ps. I'm in desperate need of a 2x00 cover latch (the one on the front
> right by the screen that holds the cover down). If anyone has one on a
> parts machine that they could sell me, let me know directly at
> chriswright (at) gmx (dot) net


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