[NTLK] Participants required "community" research survey

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 20:43:37 EDT 2012


> Likewise, I'd be very interested in the results.

So would I, provided that the results are broken down community by community, and would reflect the state of the NewtonTalk community alone as opposed to being an amalgam of NewtonTalk and other communities of the InterTubes.

(I'm pretty sure that our hooded robes made of heavy material are superior to theirs anyway.)

>I believe that Maggie is collecting data from several "communities", not >just NewtonTalk.

>From the Letter of Information and Consent:

>It may be published for the academic community, and potentially to the >public at large. You can ask for a summary of the findings by contacting >me.

It's not entirely clear to me if, by "findings," the author of the letter is referring to the survey results pertaining to NewtonTalk exclusively, or an amalgam of NewtonTalk and, say, the Poodle Admiration Society of Southampton*; my own guess is the latter. 

Grant, I'm curious: did Miss Matear happen to mention how she came to know about NewtonTalk?  

*or PASS for short


James Fraser

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