[NTLK] Acceptable writing stylus for Galaxy Tab?

Ed Kummel tech_ed at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 19:22:06 EDT 2012

And, I believe, that the Note has both a capacitive and a resistive screen...

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On 13.03.2012, at 20:21, Tony Kan wrote:

> Wacom's stylus technology doesn't use capacitance, but electromagnetic
> induction.  See here for a tutorial on it:
> http://www.wacom-components.com/english/technology/emr.html 

Ah, but the Galaxy Tab has a capacitive screen, not a Wacom screen. And no, I have not found a pen i liked. The Galaxy Note OTOH uses a battery-less true stylus which is part of the phone package and hides inside the phone.

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