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> It all just seems like common sense to me.

It's "big-city" common sense, vs. rural common sense. But honestly, times
have changed, or maybe I have, having lived in "big city" for the past 15
years (even if it is a much safer big city than an American one), but I
have noticed that people where I grew up mostly don't leave keys in their
cars any more, and tend to lock up at least when they leave home, even if
they don't lock when home... People's possessions, esp. their home _used_
to be their castles, and they were as safe leaving things unlocked as
locked. And then there's also this. Where we lived, _nobody_ lived within a
half a mile or more. My dad's logic was simple, why have to pay for a
broken window, as well as for the cheap stuff they stole from us, were we
to ever get broken into? Of course, our home didn't have any valuables,
certainly not the valuables people would break into homes for, so we would
probably lose more money replacing the window, than for the things they
stole. And we knew _lots_ of people who were just like us in that. Of
course, for years, our TV was a huge 27" console, and our only phone was a
dial phone (and our first year or so living in the house, we had a party
line--yes, in the 70s).

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