[NTLK] First draft of NewtonTalk digest text file available for testing

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Sat Jan 28 19:00:22 EST 2012

Hi gang,

all you need is a text editor that can handle regular expressions when
replacing text. Like, for example, Eclipse. And, of course, you need to
figure out the regular expression itself, which is no big deal, since it is
a mere




This piece of magic just replaced almost 60.000 E-Mail addresses with the
string "AddressRemoved". It's quite healthy for one's ego if you're
occasionally reminded of the fact that there are people out there who you
aren't fit to hold a candle to. I guess I'll donate a few bucks to this

The result can be found as a 7MB zip file here:


I would like as many of you as possible to have a look at this file and
check that it

	a) can be uncompressed without a problem

	b) can be opened without a problem

	c) does not contain a valid E-Mail address any longer

Thanks for your feedback!


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