[NTLK] Handwriting recognition on the iPad

Brian Mikol biz at atomicfirefly.com
Thu Jan 26 00:03:15 EST 2012

> Some of those iPad HWR apps can email the chicken scratch as jpegs, right? Have you tried emailing the jpegs of your handwritten notes to Evernote? It can recognise handwriting and make the notes searchable. It's not handwriting to text file but you can at least search your scribbles.
> Btw, with a good smart phone camera, and an App like 'Scanner Pro' or 'Prismo', you can photograph a paper note or notebook page and email the result to Evernote.
> Cheers
> Nic

Actually, pretty much all of them do. I had heard about Evernote's recognition feature, but I haven't tried it as I don't use Evernote. If it works well, it's a pretty cool feature though!

If you're up for going this route, I would highly recommend checking out Penultimate. As I briefly noted in my write-up, I've found that its sensitivity is noticeably better than Notes Plus - in addition to the developers putting a lot of time into quality features for such a great notes app (including support for Evernote). ;-)

> Yes tapose is a remake of the courier project that was killed. The two fellows that started the tapose project were fans of the courier project and one of their biggest sponsor's was one of the engineers on the courier project. That said I have not seen anything on their website or in the videos where it states that it will have HWR. What it does though is pretty good and most people should have a look at it (http://tapose.com/features/). I have been waiting for this to get to the app store but Apple seems to be in no rush, which is a shame. On the other side of the coin there are some rumours that maybe apple wants to buy tapose and hire the two developers but like everything time will tell. I too am in the mean time maybe going to look into Notes Plus....
> Larry

Agreed Larry - I haven't seen anything official about Taposé having HWR either; just one commenter on the Kickstarter page looking like he was making a wild assumption.

By the reaction of this thread, I'm happy to have shared Notes Plus. For those interested in Courier's proposed "split-screen" UI being championed by Taposé might be also interested to know that the Notes Plus guys have some functionality to do that too. One suggested use case is to take notes while reviewing a web page in the second pane. While the feature does strike me as compelling, I haven't had a need for it just yet.

In the meantime, I still need to figure out a good way to firm up the Bamboo stylus "nib". Aside from the Cosmonaut, has anyone found a capacitive stylus with a non-squishy nib?

Thanks everybody for the feedback & discussion


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