[NTLK] Re. Handwriting recognition on the iPad

Joel M. Sciamma joel at inventors-emporium.co.uk
Mon Jan 23 13:05:03 EST 2012

James wrote:

> So does your Newton still get a look in as of 2012?  Or has it been completely 
> supplanted by the iPad?

There are some packages on the Newton which are still handy (but very low duty cycle) and there are some instances when the Newt does a better job when running around collecting information. I like using it when being shown around a place I'm working at; it's more discrete than the iPad and good for making quick outline notes. I still use my eMates for specific tasks but they will inevitably be supplanted as the iPad Hoovers up all the jobs the Newts used to do.

However, I made a conscious decision last year that I had to establish a solid workflow with the Mac and the iPad and the other people who work with me (also iPad + one other Newton). I formed a company a year ago that is using the iPad as the basis of one of our products and so I had to get one. Initially, I was very disappointed by it but now I recognise the strengths and live with the deficiencies. An iPad 3 is definitely on the agenda.

I have transferred all the data (structure intact) that was on my Newts to the Mac or the iPad and have more or less the same comparative functionality + all the new things the iPad can do. ThinkBook is just about the closest thing one could have to the Newton Notepad and my entire collection of notes from 1994 is in there and still searchable. Pages = Works Write, Soulver = Works calculations and OmniGraffle = Works Draw.

The difficulty for me with using the Newt now is that it makes my heart ache too much because it's so nice to use and had so much promise; I just get upset. I can't let them go yet as they have been part of my life for 18 years as user and developer and they still have lessons to teach us about how such things can be made.


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