[NTLK] Re. Handwriting recognition on the iPad

Joel M. Sciamma joel at inventors-emporium.co.uk
Sun Jan 22 14:25:10 EST 2012

Brian wrote:

> As a long-time lurker on the list, I thought I would pass along a review I wrote of a couple handwriting recognition apps available on the iPad with an eye toward replacing my Newton as my note-taking device at work (although you guys won't be surprised by the verdict):
> http://atomicfirefly.com/musings/2012/succeeding-newton
> (Feedback always appreciated)
> I'm curious if others have found any other effective iOS handwriting recognition apps. Preferences for capacitive styli?

Thanks for the interesting article and links. I had tried WritePad and while it does a good job with my handwriting (Memo does it even better - thanks), it seems to me that having to transfer the text to another app. later is a bit of drag. HWR made complete sense when it was ubiquitous and made for a very nice working environment. Now that is unavailable, HWR loses its advantages.

I have found a better way for me is to use Penultimate to scribble and draw freely and then type up the notes or make up a better document later on the Mac. This means the Penultimate notes can be cryptic, messy and structured any way I please (like paper) without the constraints of thinking for HWR.

The Mac (or PC) is a far better place to assemble, expand and create documents from my notes than the iPad (or the Newt). The finished document can go back to the iPad as a PDF/Pages file.

This is what I understood about managing a device ecosystem; as soon as you feel a little resistance, switch to the better device for the job. Dropbox makes this a complete doddle with the right apps. and the round trip through that other device is better and faster than soldiering on in the one device. What a shame Newton connectivity never made this really fluid.

I also use SoundNote to record conversations while writing or sketching when I need to capture every detail of a meeting.

Otherwise, if you are sitting, the on-screen keyboard is good enough and I have become reasonably fast with it. I have the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and that makes a great input device.

The Griffin stylus works pretty well for me and only needs a light touch to make a mark. I'll probably try the Wacom and the Cosmonaut looks fun, though I don't normally prefer a fatter object to write/draw with.


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