[NTLK] SOPA legislation and Us

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Mon Jan 16 16:58:48 EST 2012

Hi Tony,
And YES it is unfortunately very true.  Anyone making a complaint about
a site could bring it down.  It works by making the ISP's remove DNS
listings to the site question making them effectively "disappear" from
the internet.  Even Google is at risk.  Youtube, forums ANYTHING.  Heck
even if the site does not have user generated content or has done
anything wrong, someone having a grudge agasint them could bring them
down.  Say someone is mad at a credit card company...they file a
complaint saying they have illegal content.  Suddenly captialone.com is
missing from the internet.  It is crazy and needs to be stopped.  I do
hope it is voted down.  If you are in the USA
https://action.eff.org/o/9042/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=8173 check
otu that link and contact your Congressman and state Representatives to
let them know just how you feel about this crazy bill.  Call as soon as
possible as often as possible.  It is due to come up for vote next week!

There is another bill called PIPA which is just as bad

And here is a few other links:


On 1/15/2012 10:49 PM, Tony Kan wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Just read this on the Marc archives:  
> "MARC will be participating in SOPA Blackout Day. On January 18th, 2012 we
> will be dark.
> SOPA is deeply flawed legislation that the United States Congress is
> currently considering. If SOPA (or something like it) were to become law in
> the U.S., mailing list archive sites like MARC would almost certainly need
> to shut down. Basically, SOPA promises to punish websites that publish
> content generated by third parties, without due process (i.e. sites and
> their administrators are guilty until proven innocent). It would make us
> liable for any content posted to any mailing list, that anyone may claim to
> be copyrighted material (they do not have to prove their claim; they do not
> have to be right)."
> Is this really true and does it have implications for UNNA?

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