[NTLK] Help me stop hoarding! Newton 2100 4sale

Robert Gere rgere at me.com
Fri Jan 13 13:33:41 EST 2012

I am a technology hoarder and I am trying to reform. To start that process, I am offering my Newton collection for sale. All told, about 19lbs of stuff. If you are interested, I can email photos but an overview follows.
1 Newton Message Pad 2000 upgraded by Apple to a 2100 - powers up normally, screen is unblemished, lid hinges are as new, the cosmetics of the case are like new except where one edge was in contact with the Print Pack box and needs to be gently cleaned 
the original box (the exterior, not the interior packing dividers)
Newton Keyboard and Carrying case, including the DIN to Newt adapter
1 extra nicad pack (2 total including the original), neither showing any corrosion or bulging, but needing new cells
the AC adapter/charger
Original Apple MP 2000 manuals
MP 2100 email addendum manual

original (?) Message Pad 100 battery charger
original Apple external modem, no corrosion on battery terminals
original (?) Message Pad 100 9w ac adapter/charger
8mb flash memory card
Practical Peripherals Data/Fax modem with EZ port PC card
Berlitz 5 Language Translator PC card and box and manual plus unfilled registration card (woo hoo!)
Newton Getting Started PC card, possibly from my original Message Pad or MP100 or MP200 (man, I spent a lot of money on Newts)

faded Print Pack box with Parallel printer cable
6 foot DIN to RS 232 female serial (2)
10 inch DIN to RS 232 male serial
6 foot DIN serial cable
10 foot DIN serial cable (got an Imagewriter kicking around?)
Tenba C-30 Newton Hand Pack (pre Newt 2000)
Tenba Carrying case for all Newts, maybe for some 7" Androids, too

Software Galore - all Mac unless otherwise stated
Newton Connection Kit (2 disks)
Newton Connection Kit 2 (3 disks)
Newton Backup disk (1 mac, 2 Windows)
Newton Connection Utilities Beta Version 1 Windows (5 disks)
Connection Utilities Update CD (1997)
Message Pad Upgrade CD 1997 for Win/Mac
Newton Press (2 disks)
Third Party Software disk
Stationary Construction Kit  Mac & Win
QuickFigure Works and Manual - Win
Expense Plus and manual - Win
Expense Plus - Win
Pocket Money - Win
Power Utilities for Newton Works - Win
Back Drop memory management - Mac & Win
Vitamin A - Mac & Win
Notion and manual - Mac
Dateman 3.1 - mac
Life Balance 30 day trial

I really never used it. I tried to get organized with it, failed miserably and by 1998 I put it away until last week

Asking $300 and I will throw in a 4 week old Kindle Fire!
Plus 19lbs. of shipping costs or pick up in Vermont.
or BRO plus shipping
PayPal accepted

If you are really desperate, I could sell you a late 90's Performa to have an original platform to work off of.

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