[NTLK] Joseph Chen's Chinese Input Character Systems: Gone!

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Wed Jan 11 23:36:11 EST 2012

Hi Michael

Yahoo!  He did a significant amount of work and I was worried that it might all have been lost.  

Hats off to Morgan.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


Tony Kan

New Zealand

Its been mirrored at UNNA:


Unfortunately, I think his input method is only for traditional  
characters, AFAIK there is no Pinyin input available for simplified  
characters (even though they can be displayed OK with the UniTaipei  
font).  There's also a radical-based input method available at:


I think this one supports simplified characters, but is very  
cumbersome to use for actually inputting any text.  Its OK for  
dictionary lookups, single characters, etc.

Good luck!


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