[NTLK] Apple Newton Cadillac

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 4 02:42:48 EST 2012


>Actually, I wouldn't need to "snip" the tether, because the stylus actually 
>plugs into the Cadillac. There are >two stylus jacks and the stylus may be 
>tethered for left or right-handed use.

Thanks for the link.  I absolutely cringed when I saw the plug the stylus tether 
terminated in because (old timer alert!) it was strongly reminiscent of the plug 
you'd find on the end of 80's-era Walkman headphones.  Maybe I'm the only one 
who was doing this during the 80's, but it always *seemed* as though I was 
replacing Walkman headphones every month or so because the comparatively 
delicate headphone wires would break. : /

Is there engineering folklore floating around regarding Apple's decision to go 
with an untethered stylus?  

In fact, you know what would be *really* neat? [hides smile behind hand] It 
would be really neat if there were a Newton equivalent to folklore.org.


James Fraser

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