[NTLK] Newton Repair Question

John Royston jroyston at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 18:03:58 EDT 2012

I plugged in my 2100 to OEM Apple 9W power adapter and heard a loud
pop and smelled smoke and the unit powered off. I think it may be
related to the ships power as it is 220V 60HZ (Newton adapter says it
is compatible with 120/240 50/60hz)  maybe it doesn't like 220 at 60HZ
but I am not sure. I had alkaline battery tray in with batteries it at
the time. The part that burnt was a small white block next to the coil
of wire/transformer on the main board.

Does anyone know if this type of failure is repairable?

Here is a small photo of what burnt up...


If any list members that have experience fixing Newtons could tell me
possible what might have caused the failure and if It could be fixed I
would be appreciative.I cannot tell what the part is due to the
burning of it.

I have a spare but I am now scared to use that adapter ever. I really
do not want to only have one Newt either if anyone has any repair
ideas let me know or a main board for a 2100 for sale.

Thanks in advance.

John Royston
jroyston at gmail.com

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