[NTLK] Starting the recell process?

Doug Parker ispinn at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 15:00:08 EDT 2012

Anyone wanting to start the process on their own? I can offer some time
saving tips.

Unfortunately, I forgot where I got the yellow polyswitches from. Someone
else can chime in on those.

Cost-wise, it was to my advantage to have a local battery shop gang
multiple batteries together since they have the spot weld setups to add
tabs between cells. I handed them a sketch showing where I needed the
yellow polyswitches located, had them gang 12 x 2100mAh AA batteries with
tabs between the rest of them and cut them between every set of four. When
the polyswitches were in their correct location, every set of four had its
yellow polyswitch in the right location, brand new--very clean.

When recelling with the larger 2x00mAh AA cells, the size increase from old
to new battery sizes requires some reliefs be cut out from the pack. Anyone
wanting to see my suggestions can check out this Flickr illustration:



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