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> Jobs, Ritchie, McCarthy... :( This year is being
> terrible.

Salvatore, it's tragic losing all these people who gave us so much.  Now
that I've gotten older I finally understand why my folks started saying
things like "Well, we're all getting on now".

Dennis Ritchie was 70, John McCarthy was 84.  Seventy is young nowadays but
still not unbearably young, at least to those of us who remember older
relatives dying in their 70s of "old age".  Eighty-four is still regarded as
"a good innings".  Jobs was only a few years younger than I am, and
doubtless he'd still be with us if he hadn't gotten cancer -- heck, maybe
he'd still be with us if he'd known as much about medicine as he did about
running Apple.  

But no matter how young or old they were when they died, it was too soon.
It was always going to be too soon.


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