[NTLK] Siri and handwritten input

Berthe M. Willumsen bmw at bio.ku.dk
Fri Oct 14 14:28:42 EDT 2011

A search from an iPhone in App store for "Penultimate" yields nothing with that name?


On 14/10/2011, at 18.57, "Scott Rogers" <srogers at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have also found that Penultimate is a solid app for handwritten
> notes, and I agree with you about WritePad.  I just wish the styli
> weren't all so funky to use.
>> As for handwritten notes, Penultimate is very good, especially that now you can draw a lasso and drag the contents around, copy and paste. I have a Griffin stylus for this kind of thing and it works well.
>> I also have WritePad and the HWR is pretty good but transfering the text to another app. is just a pest, so Penultimate is easier for the small amounts of text you need to enter when standing and you can sketch at the same time, which I like.
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