[NTLK] Time For the Rumour-Monger?

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Tue Oct 11 06:27:22 EDT 2011

~~~ On 2011/10/11 08:53, Forrest Buffenmyer at newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
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> "previously vetoed?" Uh oh...if we are to assume that Steve Jobs knew what he
> was doing (the Newton notwithstanding), and it is was his inner sensibilities
> that helped to guide Apple to greatness...I'm not sure I like the sounds of
> this. Are we in for another Macintosh LC...or Performa?

Not necessary.  I'm sure things have moved too far, both in the technology
and in the design, for that.  But we're ready-ready-more-than-ready for HWR
and a stylus to be added to an iPad, perhaps an iPad sized down slightly so
it's more convenient to carry around and hold in one hand.  And if iOS could
be modified to bring back the data-handling of soups, I wouldn't complain
about that either.  ;-)  Maybe they could even fulfill the promise of
OpenDoc now.  Who wouldn't like that?

All I have to do is imagine this:


 being done on something that looks as beautiful as an iPad, and I start
getting a fit of the happies.


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