[NTLK] another RIP view

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Sat Oct 8 22:52:13 EDT 2011

"A great salesman, as great a nerd.., and finally a great artist... 
It is rare when so many gifts..combine in one man and are harnessed 

"...the cumulative effect of all [Jobs'] ingenious electronic devices 
is to train the attention of a huge population narcissistically 
inward. And from the moment they look out, to assist them in finding 
the distraction of cheap and mostly worthless entertainment. The 
iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc., are all instruments of distraction. Each 
reduces some segment of reality to the virtual, and each reprograms 
the habits of its users within the spiritual confines of a kind of 
computer game."


Most swords have two edges.

Long live Newton!


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