[NTLK] iPad1 and iPad2

Chris Wright chriswright at gmx.net
Sat Oct 8 08:22:13 EDT 2011

My own experience:

I already have an iPhone, so I bought a used wifi-only iPad1 (32GB). I figured most of the things offered by the iPad2 I would prefer to do via the phone anyway.
I don't store my entire music collection on it: most of the space is taken up with large-sized apps and hi-res PDFs of colour books.
Both iPad and iPhone are jailbroken, and I use a Cydia application called MyWi which connects the iPad to the phone via bluetooth on-demand and uses the phone's data plan. I also have a two year-old Nokia that tethers via Bluetooth very well, but MyWi can be set up and then the iPhone can be out in a bag or pocket, and the iPad will connect as and when needed. I have WiFi at both home and work and so I only need a data connection on an occasional basis during my daily commute.


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