[NTLK] iPad1 and iPad2

Clu drclu at swbell.net
Sat Oct 8 06:57:06 EDT 2011

On 10/8/11 12:02 PM, Joseph Reilly wrote:
>> So what do we know about the iPad 3 at this point?
> I wouldn't hold your breath it'll probably be out after the iPhone 5... in 2013 lol. They might even "update" the iPod Touch again before we see the iPad 2 S... I mean 3.
Hehe... loved the iPad 2S gag (poking at the iPhone 4s that was released 
instead of the iPhone 5 recently).   Ever since I saw the iPhone 5 
concept of a projector and/or projected keyboard, I have been watching 
the news of the iPhone 5 to see if that will happen.

If it ever did I think I would be the first in line to get it.  :)

Greg / Doc Clu

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