[NTLK] Steve Jobs, R.I.P.

Larry Zasitko l.zasitko at sasktel.net
Wed Oct 5 23:34:42 EDT 2011

I agree that although I did not agree with some things (especially in reguards to the Newton) on the whole he made Apple what it is today and I will miss his vision. I have always watched the videos for new products and looked forward to seeing each new toy. I just bought a iPad 2 64gig and so far am loving it. Wish it was maybe slightly smaller (more like newton size) but like the screen size for some things. Not that I am going to put away my 2100 any time soon, there are still some things on it that the iPad 2 does not do but maybe with the new ios coming out, will wait and see....

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On 2011-10-05, at 9:08 PM, Matthias Melcher wrote:

> We all knew it would happen. Unfortunately it did, yesterday. Steve Jobs passed away.
> No matter what he did or did not do, should have done, could have done for the lost child, the "Newton", he was a brilliant man with a vision. I saw him live an in person when the iPhone was first introduced - a day at Moscone Center in SF I will not forget. I wish his family the best. 
> Sniff,
> - Matthias

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