[NTLK] WTT: OMP +Newton 2100 = iPad/iPhone

Peter Hofmann steelcut at gmx.net
Mon Oct 3 07:42:25 EDT 2011

Hello all,

i want to trade

Newton Package:

Newton 2100 (german) in good, working condition with
Apple  keyboard
2 original dongles
2 original styli
Avaya wifi-card
Pico bluetooth-card
Nokia GSM-card 900/1800
Fax/Modem 33.6 card
Original 2 MB Newton card
20 MB no name card
extra battery case for AA-rechargeables
inserted battery case made by Frank Gruendel
usb to serial cable
dummy card
original Apple canvas bag, holding keyboard, cards, dongle and newton
OMP in leather bag; needs some love, as the screen won't get green after booting, everything else seems to work.

Would like iPad1 or iPhone 3GS/4 for he whole package, alternatively  a 200mm or 300mm original Canon Lens


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