[NTLK] Einstein, Android, new Hardware, old Hardware

Michael mlheureux at online.fr
Wed Nov 30 20:26:28 EST 2011

Here're a few Android 2.3/1.5GHz/512MB ones, similarly priced, maybe  
they'd work?


Unfortunately, the descriptions are all in Chinese, but you should  
still be able to read the specs & get an idea of what's out there.

Also, battery life on these units (like the iPad, smartphones, etc.)  
is measured in hours, instead of in days/weeks, like Newton hardware :- 


On 2011-12-1, at 上午8:50, Michael wrote:

> So, what are the minimum specs that Einstein currently needs to run  
> acceptably?  Samsung aside, there are lots of cheap 7" Chinese  
> Android 2.2 tablets available, like this one for less than 80 USD:
> http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=12880323395
> At 800 MHz & 256 MB of RAM, I'm guessing this one doesn't make the  
> cut, right?  How much more powerful would we need?
> Also, does Einstein currently have any means of getting data (ie.  
> notes) off the device?  How about inputting text via an Android- 
> supported (Bluetooth?) keyboard?
> Michael
> On 2011-11-30, at 下午11:32, Matthias Melcher wrote:
>> After all this discussion about rejuvenating old hardware, I would  
>> like to clarify a few things, and bring you guys good news ;-)
>> OK, rejuvenating the hardware is tough, because we do not have  
>> access to three logic chips on the Newton motherboard. Everything  
>> else can be reproduced. Those three can not. The only way to make  
>> new Newton would be to desolder this chip from old Newtons. So in  
>> the end we have not really gained much.
>> Also, getting rid of the PCMCIA slots would be extremely limiting,  
>> because in most machines, these slots would be filled with a  
>> network card and a Flash card. Writing drivers for other WLan  
>> modules and other RAM is very difficult because so many manuals are  
>> missing.
>> However, don't fret! There is Einstein, and we are actively  
>> developing again. Yes, *we* are. I have some great help on the Java  
>> side from Frank. Thank you very much!
>> Looking at http://code.google.com/p/einstein/updates/list you will  
>> find many new entries. We are trying to perfect the Android  
>> implementation of Einstein and we have come quite far. I bought a  
>> Samsung Galaxy Note, and Einstein is getting close to be quite  
>> usable on it. It's slow, but thanks to the dual core cpu still  
>> quite responsive.
>> Done:
>> - it's running
>> - fixed power saving, sleep mode, screen rotation, screen size
>> - added Android menus and preferences
>> Current work:
>> - easy package installation (somewhat working)
>> - easy ROM upload from a PC or other sources (looking good)
>> - arbitrary screen sizes (half way there)
>> - internet access (three quarters there)
>> - published APK Android Package (as soon as the rest is solved)
>> Next:
>> - speed, speed, speed ( we will replace more and more code  
>> fragments with native code)
>> - developers, developers, developers (we need a command line base  
>> developer environment)
>> I'd say the future is bright, with a green backlight ;-)
>> - Matthias
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