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If I may throw in my two cents...
Emulation only goes so far...  If you truely want to bring the Newton (or at least it's OS) to the awesomeness levels it had in the 90's, there needs to be some major changes in the OS.  In an internet full of HTML5 and Flash etc the Newton doesn't work.  To be truely relevant it needs color, modern protocol support, and the ability to run natively on a tablet.  While I realize that would be a massive undertaking and probably will never happen, it's what needs to be done.

Sorry for ranting a bit,
William 0.o 

PS If anyone really started modernizing the OS I would be first in line to learn how to help and do so. 

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Hi John

Nice piece of kit.  12.1" screen might be a bit big to carry around but then that didn't stop people buying plenty of iPads with a 9.7" display.

I think we need to pin our colors to a manufacturer that has a relatively low risk of discontinuing their product line and whose distribution is worldwide so that the entire Newton community can contribute.  Analogous to a SETI project?

One candidate might be the Samsung Galaxy line.  The Tab, Tab 10.1 and the Note looking interesting.  

Tony Kan
New Zealand

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Yes, but ...

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