[NTLK] Smart Pens (was: Big question)

Mark Crutch mark.crutch at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 12:42:13 EST 2011

> However they don't give you .ps files.  The software does
> not allow for this.  You only can print *after* it sees you have a post
> script printer

>From my understanding of how these pens work the dot pattern used to
register the position is unique within a huge area (Wikipedia has it as 4.6
million square kilometres - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_paper).
Each page is unique within this area, so no two notebook pages are the same.

The dots must therefore be algorithmically generated; Postscript is a
complete programming language, so it's possible that the requirement for a
postscript printer is because the algorithm actually runs on the printer
itself, rather than in the computer it's attached to.

It _might_ be possible to use Ghostscript to emulate a PS printer
sufficiently for this to work, but I don't know whether GS's Postscript
interpreter is complete enough to allow this, or if there would be other
problems with this approach (such as the software being coded specifically
to stop it working with GS).


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