[NTLK] Smart Pens (was: Big question)

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Thu Nov 24 16:10:22 EST 2011

My trouble is:  I like fountain pens to write with.

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I myself use the Smart Pen mostly for training. I have noticed the size only
in the sense that it forces me to hold the pen less tightly, more relaxed
and comfortably. I am used to using a small stylus and my Newton. So, there
is a definite, immediate, noticeable difference. However that disappears
quickly once you are working with it.

Intriguing.  I suppose the Samsung Note and other devices with bigger 7"
screens can now bring the advantages of the Newton as a note taking device
to a modern audience.

My experience so far is based on the value of the package. $100 is an
excellent price point for all the extra accessories and software. With any
advance technology, the promise is far better than the execution. Time and
experience will help (me) develop an efficient work flow (for my employer)
using these Smart Pens.

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