[NTLK] Make an offer - did not sell on eBay

Mark Rollins mark at mrollins.com
Wed Nov 23 10:12:42 EST 2011

Trades only; each of us is responsible for shipping; did not sell on eBay

Contact me off-list for what you have to offer; be creative; I've got a native painting from Australia and a hand puppet from Nepal for previous trades I've made...

Contact me off-list 

That's off-list 

MP2000 box and assorted manuals, etc.

OMP box

3Com Audrey manual ( I mean if you have a Newton, there's a good chance you have an Audrey!)

Unique Newton stand (I machined it; this requires a GOOD trade)

Plexiglas Newton stand (goodies gone)

Folding logo'd Newton stand

Remember - off list.

Mark Rollins

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