[NTLK] Cars and computing [WAS: "Re: Delurking and intro"]

G Y gyounk at mac512.com
Mon Nov 21 08:45:27 EST 2011

Sorry I cannot get into the Amiga personal computers. 

Amiga OS 1.x looks like someone took a bad LSD when they designed the workbench software. No menu bar, icons oversized, etc. Amiga OS 2.x was not that much better with the elongated icons. To me everything looked like not much forethought went into it. From a graphic design perspective, yuck.

I know and understand the power with the media software that was created for it. But the first impression of the OS and Workbench visually was way too much to get around for some.

Amiga OS 3.9's workbench looks more normal but by then it was way too late for Amiga.

Just my 2 cents from growing up in the 80's and around personal computers since the late 70's. Some history on my for those that don't know me. Before I "got it" with the elegant physical software design and thoughtful application design of Macintosh, I used the Atari ST (before that Atari 400, and Atari 2600). I thought back then all GUI OSes were pretty much the same until I actually used a Macintosh/System Software around 1986 and read the Mac Interface Design guidebook. After that to me nothing compared.


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> Subject: Re: [NTLK] Cars and computing [WAS: "Re:  Delurking and
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> Amigas - due to the chronology, a Delorean. Looked great, lusted to get one if I had way too much money, went away.

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