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Sun Nov 20 08:09:46 EST 2011

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>> Interesting.  So what cars are *n*x-boxes from?
> Łada?

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> ;-)

Somewhat reminds me of this:

User: «I need a bronze mermaid statue».

Slackware: «Here is a bronze cube 1×1×1 m and some tools».

Gentoo: «Here’s copper, tin, and blast furnace for ya».
FreeBSD: «Here’s your pickaxe and a helmet with a flashlight. The copper mine is right there.».

Ubuntu: «Here’s your mermaid statue».
User: «But it’s just the tail!»
Ubuntu: «Please enter apt-get install mermaid_body, apt-get install mermaid_head, apt-get install mermaid_hands…»

OS X: «Here’s some hot girls for ya».
User: «Wow! Can I touch ‘em?»
OS X: «Pay $200 and buy the „iTouchHotGirls“ app in the App Store»

Windows: «No. I think you definitely need a bronze statue of Chapaev!»

© http://ithappens.ru/story/6829 :)
some parts were google-translated :P

~ Vladislav Korotnev

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