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On Nov 19, 2011, at 10:26, "Joel M. Sciamma" <joel at inventors-emporium.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi Warren,
> Welcome and thanks for making yourself known.

Thanks! I'm glad there's a list like this one available. 

> The one thing I would mention is to use the correct power supplies with your Newton devices.

Great advice, thanks. The eMate is running with its original adapter. The 120 hasn't arrived yet but it should have its own power supply as well. I hadn't even considered the ramifications of a third party power supply, but I'll keep it in mind. 

> Other than that I think both machines are easy to live with as long as battery connectors are kept clean and the batteries are of the right type.

I'd caught a note somewhere about NiCd batteries being preferable to NiMH when they're being charged by the Newton - something to do with the way the original chargers worked - do you know if NiMH is usable just for power, though, using another charger to top them off?

> PS I share your weakness for HP calculators, what lovely things they were. What they are shipping now (other than the 12c) is not really in the same county.

Mmh. I Got one of the commemorative 15c calcs HP sells in a limited edition. Not the same at all. Picked up a nice 45s a little while ago, though, made within a couple months of when they first went on the market. There's nothing quite like that classic feel, or the build quality, or of course the RPN. If HP could bring that commitment to their TouchPad line, the iPad would have some serious competition. 

> iOSDev01

Oh! I have to say I'm getting a kick out of these coded sig lines and their references to Newtons. 

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