[NTLK] Delurking and intro

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Fri Nov 18 17:04:57 EST 2011

Hi Warren

Welcome to the list.  Looks like your searching has been pretty
comprehensive.  It just takes time to get your head around it all.  The
1-page guide on My Apple Newton has a few caveats listed.

Where did you buy your replacement emate battery?  I need two.



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The eMate's replacement battery is to be delivered by a similar route,
so I probably won't see that before December - which means that the
eMate stays plugged in for now! Unfortunately the teacher mode was set
on it, and there was no record of the password, so I had to hard reset
it - which nuked Works, as you'd expect, and which I can't install
until the Keyspan adapter arrives, etc etc.

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