[NTLK] Awesome Einstein Device

Milan Votava votava at mageo.cz
Tue Nov 15 02:05:43 EST 2011

I can't wait for einstein_003.apk :-)


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> Hi folks,
> I have not written anything in a while thanks to that thing called 'job'.
> But yesterday I found this awesome device, the Samsung Galaxy Note. It's a
> 5" screen, touch screen phone. The size is perfect: much bigger than a
> phone, but still fits into the pockets of blue jeans. The screen is very
> and has an extreme ontrast thanks to its OLED technology.
> But best of all, it has a stylus! A true pen! Yay!
> So what's a developer to do? Of course, I put Einstein on it before even
> downloading Skype (priorities, man, priorities). It runs quite well!
Thanks to a
> relatively fast processor, I get a performance of 950 loops. But more
> importantly, thanks to the dual core, pen input is simply fantastic! My
> quick handwriting was recognized fine, much different from the Galaxy Tab
> that has no pen and no second core.
> Whenever I have a bit spare time, I will see if I can get the network
> running as well... .
>  - Matthias
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