[NTLK] Bluetooth Transfer

Nic Malone nicmalone at mac.com
Mon Nov 14 14:46:45 EST 2011

Question from Robert:
>> Does anyone know if there's a way to transfer things (say, notes) directly from an MP2100 to an iPhone via Bluetooth? 

Hi Robert
The iPhone, for all it's wonderment of build quality, GUI and app universe, sucks at Bluetooth! Unless its one of the 200 new iOS 5 features (I only have a 3G running iOS 4), iPhones cannot pair with anything other than a headset, keyboard (3GS and above) or another iPhone (via third party apps), not even a Mac. I find this a bizarre restriction in a 2007 smartphone let alone a 2011 one. Then again, it only got cut, copy and paste around 2008.

I love my iPhone 3G but the truth pictured here is undeniable ;-)

Good luck, and let us know if you find a way

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