[NTLK] Total idiot was Oh dear?

Aaron Brigati abrigati at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 13:47:58 EDT 2011

I have an eNtourage Pocket eDGe (what's with that capitalization, guys?)

It works okay. It's pretty bulky, but that's because it's a two-screen device. The CPU in it is reasonably quick for a cheap Android tablet, but the video chip is pretty slow; games run sluggishly.

Einstein does run, and the resistive touchscreen means it works fairly accurately, but it's pretty slow.

(Speaking of, I went to see if there was an update for Einstein for Android, and matthiasm.com seems to be down.  The email for Matthias on the list was on that site; anyone have a way to send him a heads up?)

eNtourage seems to be pretty much out of business, unfortunately. All the eDGe devices were sold at clearance prices, and the eDGe store is down. As far as I know you can still get the Android 2.2 update for the devices, though.


On Nov 5, 2011, at 1:24 PM, Ross Deihm wrote:

> I can suggest a entourage pocket edge. Mine has replaced my daily use
> newton. Check ebay. Nearly all the features of a newt minus handwriting
> recognition.

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