[NTLK] Oh dear?

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Fri Nov 4 17:19:14 EDT 2011

Hi Andy

Mine has started the same about 2-3 months ago and I thought it was just a
software corruption somewhere.  I tried a backup and hard reset followed by
a full restore but the problem remained.  I have promised myself to do a
hard reset and then do a fresh load of all software before restoring my
precious Names and Dates soups but haven't had the time yet.

It had better not be the beginning of the End.  Let's see if others report
the problem because the fact that its happening to both of us around about
at the same time might just be a coincidence.


Tony Kan

New Zealand

Hi there

Could anyone advise me please. My trusty MP2000 is playing up big time -
all of a sudden. I use it daily.

Using the battery tray it turns itself off straight after reboot unless
I take out the FLASH Card. Then it seems to work ok.

This does not happen using the power adpater.

This has never happened  before (had this configuration for several
years) but I can't get passed it. So it's basically not portable lots of
important info is on the card.

Have tried leaving battery out for couple of days and soft resets.

Is this the beginning of the end or something fairly easy to resolve.

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