[NTLK] MP2000 & 2 eMates up for grabs

Doug R gecko_dug at yahoo.com.au
Sat Feb 26 15:58:15 EST 2011


The time has come to pass on my Newts to someone who can use them. I  
started with a 110 in about 1994-5(?). I migrated to a Palm T5 years  
ago and now to an iPod touch - which does what I need as an on-the  
road companion to a macbook.

So I have;
1x MP2000 with leather case
2x eMates
2x original chargers
2x original 2MB Newton flash cards
2x 85MB Sandisk PCMCIA flashdisks
variety of bits and pieces that I'll dig out.
spare MP2000 touchscreen

I'd like them to go to someone who is still developing/supporting the  
Newton platform (for the cost of freight), failing that to anyone who  
will use them (make a reasonable offer) and not just try to make a  
quick buck on eBay from them. I'd like the lot to go together in one  
lot and what you pay for them (above freight costs) will be going  
towards the setup costs for a small solar project in a remote school  
in Vanuatu (so be generous!)

* everything is working
* the MP had a screen replacement years ago after I dropped it and  
cracked the LCD, but I haven't been happy with the overly firm feel of  
the new touchscreen layer. The original working touchscreen is there  
if you want to swap them back.
* neither of the eMates have had the hinges worked on. One I did a  
battery rebuild on, the other is on the original battery. They've been  
on the shelf so long I wouldn't count on much battery life out of any  
of them.


Doug R
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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