[NTLK] iOS Einstein submitted to the Apple App Store - rejected

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Wed Feb 23 02:15:34 EST 2011

On 23.02.2011, at 04:53, L.W. Brown wrote:

> Worth a try, but I'd be willing to bet some of the tech in the Newt's OS and parts of its hardware /is/ still very much alive at Apple - just not obviously so to outsiders... Or, it's under license and not Apple's to release.

Like Inkwell. But that's not the point. Users still have to install a legal ROM, so NewtonOS copyrights would not be violated.

But in all seriousness: iOS is a closed platform. Anyone buying iOS devices should know, that they subscribe to a higher entity who decides for them what's good and what's bad. For 90% of users, this is helpful (my parents can't decide if a program is malware or not, so thanks to the App Store, they have someone who filters out the bad apples before they even see them).

The remaining 10% of users will either miss one particular piece of software (like the Newton emulator, or a specific publisher, etc.) or reject closed systems rightout.

Te Andoid market has been expanding like crazy. New Tablets and Phones in all shapes are flooding the market as we speak. The system is open, the developer licenses are open, even the source code f the OS is mostly open. But Android also has a lot of really bad software, spyware, worms, dialers, etc. that can be dangerous for the unsuspecting owner.

I believe in choice, and after owning four iOS devices, I moved on. As soon as my Android tablet arrives (HTC Flyer because it has a pen), I will get Einstein ported to it and no longer worry about $99 to keep iOSEinstein running on my iPad.

My main computer will remain a Mac Book (MS-Windows is so unbelievably worse) until the day they decide to filter software developed for OS X as well. They did their first steps with App Store for OS X. It's up to us users now to make or break the Apple Inc. business model.

 - Matthias

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